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Our Mission
We work to support students in the academic, career, emotional, and social domains. We believe that by supporting students in all of these areas, we can help to produce individuals who are well-rounded and successful.
Stay up to date with information about course registration, scholarships, college and industry visits, assessments, and events. Additionally, see when representatives from colleges, industries, and military branches will be at MHS to meet with students. Announcements will be updated as new information is available.
Announcements for the Week of 8/16:
Welcome back! We are excited for a great year at MHS! If you have questions about your schedule, please see the below policy for changing classes. For other questions, see your Student Support Advocate.


The reason(s) below are acceptable reasons to change a course. Please note: If one of these reasons does not apply, a change will not be approved. 
  • You are in the wrong level of a class, or you haven’t met the prerequisite.
  • You are missing a core subject.
  • You do not have a complete schedule.
  • You have completed the course previously.
  • You have been promoted by audition in courses such as jazz band, choir, theater, etc.
  • Your previous semester grade requires a reassessment of a class.

Note: We cannot make changes to specific teachers or classes. We may make changes based on preference in course selection, if it helps balance course numbers.
If one of these reasons applies and you'd like to make a change, you may pick up a form in the Student Support Office (formerly called the Guidance Office). Forms are due no later than Friday, August 18 at 3 p.m.